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Chipped Knife Repair

We understand the frustration that comes with a compromised blade. SHARPVAN’s Chips & Nicks service can fix any blade issue, ensuring your knives are ready for action.

Precision Chipped Knife Repair Services

Rediscover the Sharpness

Is your favorite knife showing signs of wear with annoying chips and nicks? Don’t let blade imperfections dull your kitchen experience. At SHARPVAN, our dedication to excellence goes beyond standard sharpening. We recognize that chips and nicks affect the overall performance of your knives. That’s why we proudly offer specialized services to expertly repair and restore your blades, maintaining the same precision and care that defines our renowned sharpening services.

Precision Knife Restoration for Peak Performance

At SHARPVAN, we don’t just sharpen your blades – we rejuvenate them. We’re dedicated to giving you the sharpest, longest-lasting edge while removing the least amount of metal from your knives. Whether your knives are German, Japanese, a vintage treasure of 50 years, or a unique one-of-a-kind piece, trust our experienced sharpeners to bring back your knife’s proper function. It’s like getting new knives at a fraction of the cost!

What We Sharpen
  • Western style and Japanese knives
  • Single-bevel knives
  • Asymmetrical edges
  • Japanese mandolines
  • Bron mandolines
  • Robot Coupe blades
  • Other food processor blades
  • Deli slicers
  • Immersion blender blades
  • Treif blades
  • kitchen shears
  • serrated knives
  • shaved ice blades
  • and many more!

Here’s How it Works

Three Knife Sharpening Options for Home Chefs

Curbside Service

SHARPVAN comes to your house at a time of your choosing for curbside sharpening.

Drop-Off Service

Drop off your knives at one of our convenient locations, and pick them up in as little as a day!

Would you like an expert opinion?

We will have a look at your current knives and let you know which can be sharpened or repaired. Get in touch, and we’ll give you our honest opinion, free of charge and with no obligation. Chances are, we can get you back on track with the knives you already own!

  • Saves time and hassle with doorstep service.
  • Ensures peak blade performance.
  • Quick turnaround for busy chefs.
  • Custom sharpening for each knife.

Our Guarantee

Your satisfaction is guaranteed. We will sharpen and restore your knives to the highest degree possible. If for any reason you are not satisfied with our service, we will do our best to make you another satisfied SHARPVAN customer.

Don’t Take Our Word For It

See What Our Customers
Are Saying

This guy is incredible!!

I have purchased knives from him twice and referred family to him as well. I have not had him sharpen for me, but his knowledge of different steels, blade angles and manufacturers is superb. I live out of his usual service area and dealt with him by phone. He had all the time in the world to help me select the right knives, and I received them within a couple days. If the service you receive is what I received, you will be thrilled with your experience

Steve M.

My Wusthof Knives are so sharp!

I have to warn guest before they use them! Jeremy did a great job. As well as fix a knife that was previously damaged due to sharpening from another company (that I will never use again) Will be using SharpVan everytime!

Angela Vaughan

Excellent service and work!

Jeremy puts a fresh edge on my residential Wusthof blades, elevating my home food-prep game.

While I use a steel to maintain an edge, I was overdue for a grind. Jeremy met me out the back gate of my condo development on his way home from restaurant sharpening. On my first visit, I met him in a restaurant parking lot. Good to know that he is trusted by professionals.

Erik F.

I am so happy I found this service!!!

We have a nice set of very expensive Japanese knives that were poorly sharpened by another service. Fortunately, Sharpvan was able to repair the damage done! Thank you for your kindness and patience. Most of all thank you for knowing your craft! Your pride of ownership shines through in your work. I will never trust another “professional” service with my knives. You have a customer for life.

Penny Brown

The absolute best service you can find.

Jeremy is the man. Super professional and very pleasant to work with. Pita valley will be a customer for a very long time!

Hussein Osman

First time user and very satisfied customer!

Jeremy took the time to tell me which knives and scissors were worth sharpening and why, as well as showing me a better technique for cutting more efficiently. He arrived on time, worked quickly, did an excellent job and charged a very reasonable price. I will add him to my annual list of maintenance tasks. Nice to have someone reliable!

Diane Monteser

What a difference in cutting. I am very pleased with the knives sharpened by them.

I went to a class on barbecuing and the chefs said to have your knives sharpened by a professional. Then tune them up after each using with a sharpening rod.

Richard M.

I had Jeremy sharpen my knives and I’m so glad I did.

What a difference a sharp knife makes! So glad I didn’t spend a lot of money to replace mine.

Sarah Moore

Jeremy made my knives like new again!

He is very polite and responsive. Called and he was able to sharpen same day. I highly recommend this service. It is not expensive and worth not having to invest in sharpening tools that can’t come close to how sharp Jeremy can get the knives.

Jared B.