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This guy is incredible!!

I have purchased knives from him twice and referred family to him as well. I have not had him sharpen for me, but his knowledge of different steels, blade angles and manufacturers is superb. I live out of his usual service area and dealt with him by phone. He had all the time in the world to help me select the right knives, and I received them within a couple days. If the service you receive is what I received, you will be thrilled with your experience

Steve M.

My Wusthof Knives are so sharp!

I have to warn guest before they use them! Jeremy did a great job. As well as fix a knife that was previously damaged due to sharpening from another company (that I will never use again) Will be using SharpVan everytime!

Angela Vaughan

Excellent service and work!

Jeremy puts a fresh edge on my residential Wusthof blades, elevating my home food-prep game.

While I use a steel to maintain an edge, I was overdue for a grind. Jeremy met me out the back gate of my condo development on his way home from restaurant sharpening. On my first visit, I met him in a restaurant parking lot. Good to know that he is trusted by professionals.

Erik F.

I am so happy I found this service!!!

We have a nice set of very expensive Japanese knives that were poorly sharpened by another service. Fortunately, Sharpvan was able to repair the damage done! Thank you for your kindness and patience. Most of all thank you for knowing your craft! Your pride of ownership shines through in your work. I will never trust another “professional” service with my knives. You have a customer for life.

Penny Brown

The absolute best service you can find.

Jeremy is the man. Super professional and very pleasant to work with. Pita valley will be a customer for a very long time!

Hussein Osman

First time user and very satisfied customer!

Jeremy took the time to tell me which knives and scissors were worth sharpening and why, as well as showing me a better technique for cutting more efficiently. He arrived on time, worked quickly, did an excellent job and charged a very reasonable price. I will add him to my annual list of maintenance tasks. Nice to have someone reliable!

Diane Monteser

What a difference in cutting. I am very pleased with the knives sharpened by them.

I went to a class on barbecuing and the chefs said to have your knives sharpened by a professional. Then tune them up after each using with a sharpening rod.

Richard M.

I had Jeremy sharpen my knives and I’m so glad I did.

What a difference a sharp knife makes! So glad I didn’t spend a lot of money to replace mine.

Sarah Moore

Jeremy made my knives like new again!

He is very polite and responsive. Called and he was able to sharpen same day. I highly recommend this service. It is not expensive and worth not having to invest in sharpening tools that can’t come close to how sharp Jeremy can get the knives.

Jared B.

I have used Sharpvan a few times now and my 20+ year old knives cut like new!

I love that he comes to the downtown Phoenix farmers market every Saturday. I can drop my knives off, get the weekly produce or some gifts at the market, then pick up my good as new knives. A heavy cardboard sleeve to protect your knives (and yourself) is included. After sharpening, my chef knife cut through raw carrots like they were butter. I knew it was getting dull, but wow what a difference.

Kris L.

I highly recommend using his services.

Jeremy was able to sharpen my knives quickly. He packaged them back up in protective sleeves (which are great for storing) He also gave me an estimated time of completion and kept me updated on the process.

Jennifer H.

Jeremy is amazing!

He came all the way to me and sharpened my assortment of blades that needed be sharpened such as two machetes, my rig knife, a buck knife, a pocket knife, and a few kitchen knives and they all work better than new! Another bonus is that Jeremy is a Navy Veteran like me! I love supporting veteran business and I will be using his services again.

Basically he earned Joseph’s stamp of approval!

Joseph C.

This sharpening made a huge difference.

Got some knives shaped. They did a a great job. I didn’t realize how dull the knives had got. I’ll be back next time they get dulled

Ben S.

Great service, fast return, flexible to my needs.

I dropped some knives off at Jeremy’s house and he promised to return them by the afternoon. Well, I had them just minutes after noon, and they were sharp and straightened even better than I’d expected, at a totally reasonable price. (I’ll admit, I even cut myself on one of the knives that I didn’t expect to be so sharp, but that was my own darn fault). Highly recommended if you need some sharpening.

R W.

So happy I looked into knife sharpening services before buying new knives.

Jeremy comes to you and does a great job sharpening all your kitchen knives / scissors. Would highly recommend his services!

Jen H.

I will most definitely be recommending to all my cook friends about his great service.

I recently saw Jeremy the other day and he provided me with excellent service. He made it super convenient for me as a customer as well, and met me close to my house. He is very knowledgeable and skilled about his profession, and it clearly shows. I’m in the market for a new chef knife, and he was able to thoroughly go through each item I was interested in with great detail. To the type of steel used, difference in handles and weight, how to care and treat, benefits of different makes and models, etc.

Alina Z.

I would highly recommend to anyone who needs their knives sharpened.

Great job. He really did an amazing job on our knives and scissors. Friendly and prompt.

Lupe Feld

Top quality service and super reliable!

I usually take my knives to Jeremy when he is at Von Hanson Meat shop in Chandler. But this time I called and he was able to set up a residential stop. It was super convenient and a great price. I wouldn’t trust my beloved knives with anyone else! This guy knows what he is doing!

Andrea Manzuk

Best knife sharpening I’ve had in the valley.

Conveniently comes to me and is done in less than half an hour with amazing results. They also have a great selection of knives for sale right on the van. Couldn’t be happier.

Joseph Nerone

Great customer service.

Came to the house and did a wonderful job for the entire neighborhood on all of our knives. Perfect edge, quick and friendly service. Definitly recommend if you have a need for knife sharpening service.

Stacy Brandenburg

I had Jeremy sharpen all my kitchen knives and shears when I was considering buying new.

So glad I did. My knives are sharper than when they were brand new and I saved a LOT of money not buying new ones. His prices were super reasonable and he was also a super nice guy. Thanks Jeremy!

Sarah M.

Recently, I dropped off 7 very dull knives with Jeremy at Sharpvan and he made them like new.

They were 20 years old and very dull and a tip or two were bent amongst other things. I wasn’t even sure if they were still good. For a reasonable fee he did a great job….MUCH cheaper than replacing even one of them. He had them all done overnight for me. He was very honest as well…said I should be able to get many years use out of them instead of trying to sell me new ones. I really appreciated dealing with him and am definitely saving his contact information for the future.


Jeremy is the best in the Valley of the Sun!!!

With so many restaurants closed right now do your mom/grandma/or favorite home chef a favor and hire Support this local business. You’ll thank me later. I can now cut a butternut squash like butter. You don’t need to have a fancy knife collection or be a professional to have your knives sharpened. Dull knives are extremely dangerous, I know 1st hand after almost cutting off my thumb. So try it out you won’t regret it.

Alia W.

Recently, I dropped off 7 very dull knives with Jeremy at Sharpvan and he made them like new.

They were 20 years old and very dull and a tip or two were bent amongst other things. I wasn’t even sure if they were still good. For a reasonable fee he did a great job… MUCH cheaper than replacing even one of them. He had them all done overnight for me. He was very honest as well… said I should be able to get many years use out of them instead of trying to sell me new ones. I really appreciated dealing with him and am definitely saving his contact information for the future.

Polly P.

Great business!

It is so convenient to have them come to my home, sharpen all my knives and be done quickly. I try to remember to call every 6 months or so and appreciate the great service.

Lana D.

We had a broken tip on our chef knife and reached out to Sharpvan.

Excellent response time – we scheduled a meeting time and I ended up taking all of our knives in for sharpening. Great work – can’t thank you enough! All knives work better than new. Highly recommend

Mike and Kath R

Jeremy knows what he’s doing.

He was quick to respond, very quick with the sharpening work, was easy to work with, and was easy to pay. His van and set up are nice and the knives he offers for sale are high quality. Highly recommended.

Dennis A.


I am a seamstress and cook and both scissors and knives were VERY sharp following service!

Mary O.

Worth every penny plus more.

Ok… here’s the deal! Before I go on, if you want your knives sharpened this Is the man to call!! Maybe Jeremy can’t show up in under 30 minutes like he just did for me. But incredibly enough I had around 10 knives from all shapes and sizes from just over a life time, that I’ve been wanting to get sharpened for years but never made the call… that’s procrastination… lol.

Ok… my knives were crazy sharper than I ever expected. I just wanted them sharpened up. These knives instantly shaved the hair off my arms the moment they touched my skin… Wow!!

So for me… If I ever need a another knife sharpened again ….problem solved!! And one last thing, Jeremy is the nicest guy you’ll ever want to do business with! Yes… this experience made my day!

Tony W.

Really fast response time…

called at 4:20 and had an appointment at 5. Brought 5 knives and got them back in 15 minutes looking sharp. I already tried them out and they are amazing! Sharp as can be. Price is fair and really friendly and knowledgeable guy! I am definitely returning to Jeremy when they dull up again! He also has a ton of knives for sale and can educate you about them. Thumbs up!! Thanx a bunch.

Alla B.

My wife is picky but even she is real happy with the knives now.

We had some badly damaged knives that I thought would require some repair. Jeremy came to our house and sharpened 10 knives, 5 of which were in real bad shape. They are all like new now and he did not charge a repair fee for the badly damaged ones.

Bernard F.

I’m going to recommend Sharpvan to all of my grooming friends.

I had 3 pairs of grooming shears done. He did a great job.

Eric C.

Literally just got finished having 10 knives sharpened.

They are nice knives and ones that need sharpening rather than replacing. Plus my Colt Bowie. Met at 67th and Deer Valley precisely at 7am on a Sunday. SUNDAY! No travel charge. Very nice. Very professional. Shopped at the Sprouts nearby and 15 minutes later they were done.

Razor sharp. As in the sharpest they’ve ever been. Ever. Since new. Sharper than new. Anyway, they cut the cardboard they were encased in like butter. Sliced a paper towel with zero effort while held in the air. Needless to say it cut our morning steak without any effort at all. Honed them after the paper cutting just to keep them sharp. I will 100% use his service for my other knives and weapons. A hunter would find this quite useful.

Kevin I.

I hired Jeremy with SharpVan to come to my house to sharpen a large set of knives.

He was very prompt, kept in constant contact beforehand, and the knives came out beautifully razor sharp. He also repaired a chip in my Benchmade folder pocket knife.

Great service and great work – something we need more of today!


Fantastic job! Thoroughly impressed.

I’m a store manager for Ace Hardware and I use Sharpvan for all of my customers sharpening needs. I have had many customers come in asking for items sharpened JUST because it’s Jeremy and Sharpvan- and after today I know why. I brought in a few of my personal knives to be sharpened and after Jeremy worked his magic with them they have never been sharper. I even gave him a brand new Kershaw that I just purchased 9 days ago and it’s sharper now than it was when I took it out of the box just over a week ago! I can shave with any one of the knives I had sharpened today (I can show you the bare spot on my arm to prove it!).

Jared R.

Awesome work!

Took our knives, about 8, to Jeremy and he did an awesome job. Knives are like new now and we are so glad we didn’t spend the $$ on new knives. Fraction of the price. Will definitely use again!

Shel N' Tom K.

Great service and great work—something we need more of today!

I hired Jeremy with SharpVan to come to my house to sharpen a large set of knives. He was very prompt, kept in constant contact beforehand, and the knives came out beautifully razor sharp in about 20 minutes.

He also repaired a chip in my Benchmade folder pocket knife.

Chris F.

Jeremy came to my home and sharpened every knife in my kitchen.

He was super friendly, arrived very promptly, and did a terrific job on the knives. Couldn’t be happier and will be using his service again. Thanks, Jeremy!

Cheryl B.

Wow! What a great find.

Was surfing the interweb because my set of 10 Henckels chef knives was in fairly poor shape. Thought about just tossing some of them and replacing them with new knives, right? Well I purchase this large set about 28 years ago and you know what? (Spoiler alert) The prices have gone up. So I decided to look for a place that could perhaps sharpen them. Looked at several different services and then stumbled across “Sharpvan”. Jeremy, the owner, has some pictures on his website of knives that have been incorrectly sharpened or mistreated. Those knives looked good compared to a few I have in my collection, so I contacted him and we discussed what could be done. Although he caters mainly to the industry (chefs, restaurants and hotels) he does have services where you can drop your knives off and pick them up sharpened at various locations around the valley. Or even better, his mobile workshop can be booked to come directly to your home. There is a minimum charge for that service but it was very reasonable and less than what one of my larger knives would have cost to replace. Well I can’t praise his abilities enough. Knives that had been practically ruined by other knife sharpeners using large grinding wheels were brought back to life. I still can’t believe how he was able to salvage some of them but the end result is fantastic. All my knives are now usable once again, and all of them are sharp as a razor. Hopefully, I’ll take better care of them this go around, but if they do need sharpening again, this is whom I’ll call.

David C.

We hired Sharpvan in a kind of unique situation.

I own an electrical contracting company and we were hired to wire in some new equipment for a kitchen in Chandler. Well the equipment was purchased at an auction and did not come with directions. My guys were done hooking up all the electrical equipment and were ready to test the rotation on the big 3 phase mixer so it was plugged in but the problem was it was in the ON position already and started to turn and in the drum was a broken off knob from a previous incident not involving us and being that the knob was made of hard plastic and a piece of steel it chipped the blade of the mixer/chopper pretty bad. But not to fear we hired SharpVan he was able to accept pictures assured me he could get it back to tip top shape he arrived when he said handle the project with ease accepted a credit card over the phone handled himself professionally and saved me from having to buy 500$ worth of blades. Thank you SharpVan. I wish you luck in your Business and will refer you to anyone else I know who needs your service.

Joseph N.

He comes highly recommended!

I have been using Jeremy’s sharpening services to sharpen my dog grooming blades and scissors or a couple years now and I’m very happy I found him. He is one of the most knowledgeable people I have encountered in his industry and always does a superb job.

Levi P.

Knife sharpening in Phoenix? Check this guy out.

Anyone who says they don’t mind a knife that is not sharp, should not be allowed to use one. Assuming 99% of us do not fit into that category, then this company should interest you.

We own a busy fast casual restaurant, and use knives continuously all day. We have previously used another reputable knife sharpening business in Phoenix but Jeremy from Sharpvan is far superior. Not only does he come to you, he is able to do a much wider variety of blades than our previous provider. He was able to do our serrated bread knives, regular carvers, pairing and the ever tough NEMCO slicer blades!! Plus, we found out he now also can sharpen our meat slicers circular blades. NICE. His prices are reasonable, his attitude is perfect, and his skill is as sharp as the knives I got back from him.

Ryan K.

Holy honed edges Batman!

I found a flyer for this sharpening service at Von Hansons market. Though I’ve been burned by other ‘knife sharpeners’ in the past who have used grinding wheels and other machines that altered the temper of the steel, I thought I would give his service a try.

Since he is mobile, we connected by phone and determined when he would be near me. Since I have become distrustful of knife sharpeners from past experiences, I was a little skeptical ( but hopeful )

I dropped off three cheapo Farberware knives (an 8″ chef, 4″ & 3.5″ paring), my pride and joy 7″ Shun Santoku, and my 15+ year old Benchmade Emerson CQC7 folding pocket knife.

Holy honed edges Batman! Although he uses an abrasive belt, every knife was sharpened to perfection! I’m a bit OCD when it comes to the quality of my blades and he did not disappoint! I’ve been cooking more in the past few days than ever just because of how much easier and fun it is to use my cutlery!

I dropped my knives off with him in a restaurant parking lot in Chandler, ran an errand at the bank, and stopped by roughly an hour later and they were all ready.

David D.

Professional work and very accommodating.

Love that this business provides great customer service. Will absolutely be using again!!

Jenn J.

I have been complaining about my knives for a while.

They have become dull and lifeless. Well they got new life!!! My boyfriend I frequent the Phoenix Public Market and Farmers Market on Saturdays. Matthew had seen an ad that they offer knife sharping while you shop.

This morning I woke with a mission – MUST GET KNIFES ROCKIN AGAIN. What a great find. We were greeted by a young gentleman and when speaking to him, you can tell knows his stuff. He gives you a little laminate number and you can shop while he sharpens your knives.

We had 6 knives sharpened all sizes and lengths… and we really only need twice a year. They looked great! He puts the tips in a wine cork to prevent them from cutting anything and wraps them in thick plain newswrap.

I highly recommend and the location is great. Win – win, a little shopping, dog friendly, wine bar, farmers market and food trucks – come out and new knives – I drove straight home and started cooking again.

Emily W.

I have been using Jeremy for my blades and shears for over 3 years now.

A great guy, great prices and convenient. When I moved out of state I continued to mail him my equipment. He returned it promptly. I once gave him 24 hr notice that I had 15 blades and 4 shears and would be in town for a day. He had them all done in less than 3 hours. He always makes time when I call and I am actually happy to open my wallet when he leaves. Dont use anyone else.

Joni K.

These guys were incredibly friendly and helpful.

No pretension here, just a guy with a passion for cutlery who was able to take care of my humble knives as well as my expensive Shun Ken Onion. Better value and a lot closer than trucking your knives all the way to Scottsdale. Do yourselves a favor and find them at one of the farmer’s markets and never work with a dull knife again.

Hal S.